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Meet Savoy Chiropractor: Dr. Adam Chladny

“I’ve always believed that Savoy was a great place to raise a family and we’re delighted that we get to help the community through chiropractic care.”

Let Me Tell You a Story…

Savoy Chiropractor, Dr. Adam Chladny

Dr. Adam Chladny

“This is one of my favorite stories as it really shaped my life…” “When my father was in his 20’s, he injured his back and ended up having back surgery. For a long time, he wasn’t able to do a lot of things that he would like to have done. About ten years after his surgery, he opted to see a chiropractor. His results changed not only his life, but our entire family’s.” Chiropractic care helped Dr. Chladny’s dad go from chronic pain to living an active and happy life again!

Chiropractic, An Amazing Discovery

Seeing his dad’s improvement and the difference it made in his life, Dr. Chladny began doing research into the chiropractic field and was amazed to discover how many people chiropractic care has helped. “This spark of interest continued to grow and chiropractic care soon became a career which I continue to love more and more each year!” “I studied at Logan College of Chiropractic, now known as Logan University. My education was a great foundation, and on that I’ve built years of experience, passion and dedication.”

Helping People, Energizing Lives

“What I love best about being your Savoy chiropractor is my ability to help. We get to help people reach their goals and improve their quality of life, what gets better than that?” “Having grown up in this location, my wife (and high school sweetheart) and I knew we wanted to bring up our boys in this friendly community.” “Thanks for getting to know me, now it’s my turn to get to know you so I can help! Give me a call so we can schedule a time to visit.” (217) 355-9900

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